Christina Russoniello (Owner)

Christina, the owner of Epona Pet Care, has 20 years of experience working with animals.  She
has a masters degree in animal science from Cook College and since that time has continued
expanding her expertise in animal behavior and dog training methods.   She has taken more
than 25 credit  hours of courses in dog training and behavior and has volunteered as an
assistant at St. Huberts Dog Training school.   Her passion is making humane,  positive
reinforcement techniques accessible to families and kids.  In addition she has studied canine
massage methods and is certified in pet first aid.   She and her staff are dedicated providing
knowledgeable, professional care for your pets.
Our Staff
Laurie Stone
Laurie has tons of experience working
with animals, from primates to farm
animals.  She is our cat whisperer and
has taken in dozens of cats, and cares for
her own feral cat colony.