We provide daily services for the home alone dog.  Our programs are  customized
for your dog's needs.

Walks with your dog will be fun and interactive because we encourage play and
exploration on our walk! We use humane equipment and techniques to give your
dog the best experience possible. If you have space for off-leash play, we will play
the usual doggy games and even invent some. Our goal is to end up with a tired
and happy pup!

If your dog is older and just needs a pee break and some companionship, we do
that too!
Our dog walkers are all animal professionals who know just what to do. Our clients
report that after a few weeks of daily dog walks from Epona Pet Care, their previously
unruly friend is more balanced and even has better manners on the leash.  We don't
charge extra for this because we believe that all dogs deserve fun and healthy
exercise out in the world.