Our bed and biscuit is a home away from home for your dog. We provide individual attention to all dogs. Active high energy dog have 17 acres romp on with professional handlers. That includes ball play, hikes and free play in our fenced area. We know a tired dog is a happy dog and that is our goal.

Your dogs get a private room and private play time and loving care with handlers. Families get group walks and play time. We have both outside and indoor play areas, so weather is never a factor Daily housekeeping, climate control and all the comforts of home are routine, meal times are customized to your dogs needs.

We do 3 walks a day plus a moonlight let out and tuck in at night. For elderly or special needs dogs we see to it that all their needs are met and exceeded, for them, our focus is comfort comfort comfort.We can administer any meds, including injections

There is no price list because we don't itemize your dogs care. It is 75.00 per night and 25.00 for each additional dog. All walks, feedings, any medications etc are included