Behavior and Training
New  Classes starting NOW
6 weeks/ 1 hour session per week
Learn  techniques that will teach your puppy basic manners, socialization
and the foundations for a happy well balanced dog, AND unlimited coaching
while you are training.
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My classes are small, 4 to 6 students, you will learn techniques that
harness how your dog learns, thinks and plays.

Puppy Classes
Classes are for puppies from 8 weeks to 14 weeks, they run for 6
weeks, 1 hour each.  You will learn how to get your dog to play
nicely AND pay attention to you.  Your pup will learn the basics,
including sit, down, stay and walking on the leash.  

Tween Class
Classes run for 6 weeks, 1 hour each.
This class is specifically designed for the challenging adolescent
dog.  Learn to get your dogs attention around other dogs, proof all
the behaviors your dog has conveniently forgotten, like down and
stay. We help you develop consistency so your dog understands
you more effectively.   We spend lots of time on the loose leash
walk and teaching your dog to come when called.

Private Lessons

Pre-Puppy Session
We come to your home and help you get ready for your new
puppy.  We cover:
  • Puppy Proofing your home
  • Creating your new puppy's "me space"
  • Buying the right puppy supplies
  • What to do in the first 2 weeks

Basic Obedience
Lessons are customized to your own training goals.  We work with
you in your home, on your own time, at your own pace.  Do you
have kids?  Bring them on.  We have lots of kid friendly techniques
and lessons to make training fun and successful for everyone.  You
can schedule just one lesson to polish up on skills, or a whole series
of lessons for anything from: basics of sit, down and walk nicely on
the leash, to learning techniques to help the wackadoodle dog.

Behavioral Issues
If your dog is jumping, chewing, barking, or just has no manners,
we can help.  Our private sessions are completely customized to
your needs.  We work with the ENTIRE family, kids included.

Train while you work
This is for people who want to train their dog but work long hours
and have difficulty finding time.  I come to your home in the
middle of the day, while you are at work.   I develop a program
based on a set of goals that we set together.  Each day you get a
note that tells you what we worked on and suggestions for
homework.   Then at the end of each week, we have a coaching
session so you can catch up on what your dog learned.  

Getting of on
the right foot:

House Training

Training with
Why No Prong Collars?

They don't work.

Not for "regular" people.

Yes,  I can hear it now,  "you
must use it correctly"  Frankly,
the only people I have seen do
that are trainers, and in every
case the dog yelped.  So if you
are ready to apprentice for 10
years AND cause your dog pain
go for it.

This brings me to my second
reason,  my approach is based
on building a relationship with
your dog so your dog enjoys
working for you and actually
wants to be with you.  This is
not for everyone, there are
those who want the dog to be
an automaton.  If you are one of
them,  there are plenty of
trainers out there who will help
you use pain and force to  
create that kind of dog.  That is
not what I do.