Behavior and Training
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6 weeks/ 1 hour session per week
Learn  techniques that will teach your puppy basic manners, socialization and the
foundations for a happy well balanced dog, AND unlimited coaching while you are training.
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With our training methods, you will learn techniques that harness how your dog learns,
thinks, and plays. We don’t use painful, ineffective and old-fashioned punishments to
force a dog to behave. Our training methods simply take advantage of how a dog learns.
These techniques will help develop consistency so that your dog understands you more
effectively. We offer many different types of classes specifically customized to your dog’s

Different types of training we offer:

Group Classes

Group classes are a great choice for those who have a dog ranging from the ages of 8 weeks to 18
months. With our small classes, which typically include 4 to 6 students, you and your dog will get
plenty of personalized attention, making learning and training your dog more enjoyable! Our small
classes also create the perfect opportunity for you to socialize your dog in a fun setting. Group classes
run once a week, for 6 weeks and are 1 hour each.

Getting off on
the right foot:

House Training

Training with
Why No Prong Collars?

They don't work.

Not for "regular" people.

Yes,  I can hear it now,  "you
must use it correctly"  Frankly,
the only people I have seen do
that are trainers, and in every
case the dog yelped.  So if you
are ready to apprentice for 10
years AND cause your dog pain
go for it.

This brings me to my second
reason,  my approach is based
on building a relationship with
your dog so your dog enjoys
working for you and actually
wants to be with you.  This is
not for everyone, there are
those who want the dog to be
an automaton.  If you are one of
them,  there are plenty of
trainers out there who will help
you use pain and force to  
create that kind of dog.  That is
not what I do.

  • Puppy Classes (8 to 14 weeks old)- You and your puppy will learn proper socialization,
    manners, how to get your dog to play nicely and how to get their attention around other dogs
    and distractions. Your pup will also learn all the basics like walking on a leash, sit, stay and
    more! This class runs 1 hour each, once a week for 6 weeks.

  • Tween Class (5 to  18 months old)- This class is specifically designed for the challenging
    adolescent dog. In this class we will spend lots of time on loose leash walks. Your dog will also
    learn skills like how to come when called, and you will learn how to get your dog’s attention
    around other dogs. This class is also perfect for reinforcing behaviors, like down and sit, that
    your dog has forgotten. This class runs 1 hour each, once a week for 4 weeks.

  • Basic Obedience- In basic obedience lessons, you can schedule just one lesson to polish up on
    skills, or even a whole series of lessons, teaching your dog the basics such as: sit, down, how to
    walk nicely on a leash, etc. These lessons take place in your home, on your time, to best fit your
    schedule. If you have kids, we have lots of kid-friendly techniques and methods we can
    incorporate to make training fun and successful for everyone.

  • Behavioral Issues- These sessions are completely customized to your needs. Whether your
    dog is jumping on people, chewing on your belongings, suffering from separation anxiety, or has
    no manners, we can help! We will work with the entire family, kids included, to ensure that your
    dog’s negative behaviors come to an end.

  • Train While You Work- This is ideal for those who want to train their dog, but work long
    hours and can’t find the time to do it. These lessons take place in the middle of the day while you
    are at work. We develop a program based on a set of training goals that we set with you. Each
    day we’ll leave you a note telling you what we worked on, and suggestions for homework. At the
    end of each week we have a coaching session so you can catch up on what your dog has learned!

  • Adoption Counseling- If you’re thinking about rescuing a dog, we can help you choose the one
    that best suits your lifestyle. We can even help set up a training protocol to ensure the happiness
    of you and your new furry friend!

  • Pre-Puppy Counseling- In our pre-puppy counseling, we come to your home and help you get
    ready for the arrival of your new puppy! We will cover:

  • Puppy-proofing your home

  • Creating your puppy’s new personal space

  • Buying the right puppy supplies

  • What to do in the first 2 weeks (including potty training, preventing separation anxiety,
Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent choice in order to train any dog! These lessons are customized to
your specific dog training goals.

Just finished our first
training session and it
went wonderfully . Our
trainer was incredibly
reasonably priced and
extremely friendly. We
even got a discount
because my dog is a
rescue and found out
she's most likely even a
different breed than we
were told initially;
explaining her protective
behaviors. I absolutely
recommend this trainer
Very grateful for Epona
Pet Care LLC!  (Yelp