Our Bed and Biscuit is a cozy getaway for your dog,
providing an unmatched experience for every dog,
from puppies to older dogs with special needs, we
cater to the individual dog.

Our mission is to create a home away from home for
your dog, so, you bring their food, bedding, toys and
whatever else makes your pup feel comfortable.

No one does what we do, call for an appointment and
we will give you a tour.
For the active dog, We have
17 acres of woods to explore!  
We take hikes on wooded
trails and there is a fenced in
area to run
around in.
Comfy couches to hang out
on (if MOM says it's OK!) and
room to play inside when the
weather is bad.
And comfy rooms to settle into at bedtime

Bring your dog or dogs to the Epona Bed and
Biscuit.  Your dog will stay in a private room at our
charming country cottage.  You can bring your
bedding, toys, dog food, whatever makes your dog
happy.  Dogs get to explore our beautiful 17 acre
property with walks on our trails. No dog kennels
here, it's a home away from home.  If you want to
check it out, just give us a call and we will give you
a tour.

Cost is 65.00 per night and 20.00 for each additional
dog.  This includes 3 walks/hikes a day,   weather
permitting or inside play time.    

We are here to meet your dog needs, yes we have
lots of hiking and playtime for younger active dogs.  
For older dogs or anxious dogs we provide
massage, calming music or radio, cuddles and even
a home cooked meal.